Clubs & Coaches

One of the NBMA’s goals is to put runners in touch with the right resources in their area. Thus, we provide a list of fitness clubs and certified running coaches for your consideration. Please note that these fitness clubs are not a part of the NBMA organization. The NBMA doesn’t have chapters, affliates, local representatives, or ambassadors. However, these not-for-profit clubs have been established in their communities and may be an excellent source for information and support. Most them are members of the Road Runners Club of America ( This organization supports the growth of distance running in the USA.

Likewise, these professionally, certified coaches are not NBMA employees, agents, or representatives. Their coaching business is independent of and completely separate from the NBMA. These coaches are also authors and professional speakers, as well as athletes. They are NBMA members, who are RRCA certified coaches and actively support our missions. In addition to their professional jobs, they donate their time to specific community projects, such as speaking to students, organizing and leading running clubs, and working with local churches to start running clubs. Contact them directly to learn more about their areas of specialization.

Other Resources – The Road Runners Club of America (RRCA)

The Road Runners Club of America ( was founded in 1958. The RRCA has over 1000 member clubs and events representing over 200,000 running club members.  From 1960 to 1961, African-American, Ted Corbitt, was the RRCA’s President. He’s considered the “Father of Distance Running” and is in the National Distance Running Hall of Fame. Also, he was the Canadian and American marathon champion.

The RRCA promotes guidelines designed to educate and keep runners safe in any condition from the race environment to a group run to going it alone. Promoting safe running for all is their top priority. Here are some useful links to help you and/or your running club.