Stephen Jackson

Stephen Jackson, who spent more than 20 years building and running successful businesses, created the nonprofit running club Run2LIVE, after he improved his lifestyle through distance running.  Stephen used distance running to reverse his high blood pressure, high cholesterol and high sugar numbers.  During his lifestyle transformation, Stephen observed that running was an activity that many African Americans in his community did not participate. Further research showed that preventable diseases like diabetes and strokes were at their highest in African American communities and Stephen believes that these diseases can be avoided or reversed through a running program.

Run2LIVE was created with the mission to Inspire, Support and Encourage Black Men & Women to gain and maintain a healthy lifestyle through running and walking regardless of athletic ability or run/walk experience. Run2LIVE is an affiliate member of the Road Runners Club Of America (RRCA).

While running and training to run marathons, Stephen began studying the science of running and how can runners run well and avoid injuries.  Stephen’s research of famous coaches and their strategies led Stephen to study to become a certified coach. He uses this knowledge to assist others to become better runners and to convey to non-runners that running is beneficial and can be done safely.

Stephen’s philosophy is proper running form, plus strength training and dynamic stretching, is the base formula for avoiding common running injuries while developing a stronger runner. This philosophy is practiced by Run2LIVE club members through their weekly Run Training Workouts and the club’s Run Transformation Training website.

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